Guy Exposes The ‘Cam Girls Invasion’ Taking Place On Twitch

Guy Exposes The ‘Cam Girls Invasion’ Taking Place On Twitch

This video has been taken down two separate times from YouTube but is back again! Here is the disclaimer from the uploader:

DISCLAIMER (read): the intention of this vid was NEVER to start a witch hunt or to target specific female streamers. I never insinuated as much in the video, and the only times I used names was to give context to specific points or quotes. This is not a witch hunt, this is not about targeting or harassing streamers, as I CLEARLY point out in the video, the main issue here is twitch’s handling of the rules and regulations on their site.

The topic of girls on twitch has resurfaced again and this time it’s more widespread than ever due to the IRL and creative sections. But what is the REAL issue here, if at all?

Note that I’m not, nor ever did insult any of these streamers, this isn’t a witch hunt, these are just people who are by-products of their environment, understand that while these girls are the face of the streams, they can only exist when the viewers and staff allow them to. There’s nothing wrong with having a patreon or snapchat or cosplay goals in principle, but it can alter the identity of the site if the rules are too lenient.

We have been seeing this happen for a long time. Remember when the first “Girl accidentally” does this on Twitch went viral. Then it seemed like it happened over and over and over again.

Well this guy breaks that all down and then some.

Check out the video:

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