Guy Finds Photo Of Best Friend Boning His Girlfriend On Internet – Gets WRECKED By Entire Campus


Just like how the sun is guaranteed to rise and set every day, posting a photo of yourself banging some hot chick onto Yeti followed by your now-ex-best friend calling you out since the girl you were banging is his now ex-girlfriend will get you a shitload of likes. Or hearts, as they use on Yeti. Don’t know what Yeti is? It’s basically Snapchat but specifically for college campuses, and thanks to some guy named John, John’s ex-girlfriend and john’s ex-best friend, the Yeti for Texas A&M the past few days has been entertaining to say the least.

According to Total Frat Move, it all started when John saw ex-best friend flipping off the camera in bed with his now-ex-girlfriend with the caption “Mr. Steal Yo Girl.” We can’t post the photo here because it’s a little too much. John’s comeback, unfortunately, was fucking stupid:


Oh wow you really got’em there didn’t you John? Your old BFF and old GF are boning away into the wee hours of the night and you’re staring at a flag in your apartment. Cool dude, brb while I go hang out with them and not you because you sound about as much fun as a drawer full of butt plugs.

The whole thing eventually devolved into the two bitching at each other with stupid photo messages for the whole campus to see, with ex-BFF saying how John cheated on ex-GF in the first place with ex-GF’s sister, how ex-GF would come crying back like always, blah blah blah melodrama melodrama melodrama. Eventually ex BFF decided enough was enough and threw down the final blow:

Again, can’t post this pic, but it was a shot of Guy 2 balls deep in the girl, doggy style.… but here’s a link. Go look at it.

Shit got real. John just got torched so bad they should check him for fourth-degree burns. John was out here just trying to throw some soft blows, trade a few barbs, and maybe get his girl back. Guy 2 wasn’t having any of it and just came right across John’s face with a clean hook. Call the match. This one is over.

The rest of the Yeti community at the school came to say goodbye to John. Ouch. Now Texas A&M has a hashtag running on Twitter called #pray4john, along with a slew of kids throwing out their condolences…slash making fun of John. Fuck John:




Dildo copy






Social media, ruining lives since whenever it was invented. RIP John.



Guy Finds Photo Of Best Friend Boning His Girlfriend On Internet – Gets WRECKED By Entire Campus

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