Guy Finds Out Wife Was Cheating For Two Years In Most Brutal Way Possible

This guy’s wife had been having an affair for two years before he found out what had been going on in the most brutal of ways.

For two years she’d been cheating on him without him having a clue as to what was happening behind his back.

He took to imgur to at least shame his wife for her cheating ways.

Here’s how the conversation panned out.

First off she tried to beg him to come back…

And then didn’t see the problem with the fact that she’d cheated on him for two whole years of their marriage…

Then she dropped the bombshell…

The poor guy created this meme to show how he found out the truth behind his unfaithful wife:

That’s right, the oblivious guy had no clue until the baby was born when the cold, hard truth dawned on him.

But still, his disloyal wife tried to threaten him with child support bills for her child.

She seems to be OK with cheating on him, having someone else’s baby, him kicking her out, but losing her cat? That’s what has taken this story a bit too far, apparently.

It seems this guy is probably better off out of this marriage, anyway.


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