Guy Gets Absolutely Destroyed On Twitter After Trying To Troll Samsung

Multinational companies are certainly upping their game when it comes to social media banter.

Samsung, for exampe, recently announced itself into the Twitter bantersphere, with an extraordinary roast of a bloke who came at them in their mentions.

The electronics company sent out a tweet following the release of their new Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, asking fans to show them the first photo they took on their new device.

In comes Edward from Los Angeles, who replied with: “It was a dick pic [sic].”

Now, most companies would shrug that off as a bang average at banter. But not Samsung. Instead the company replied with an emoji that said more than any words could.

And people were shook

One user came to Ed’s defence, but it wasn’t enough to prevent the savage burn.

It was all in good humour though. Despite being roasted on the world stage, Ed found the funny side and said: “Well after the initial comment I was only expecting a handful of likes, but when I saw the reply by the Samsung account I just knew the tweet was going to blow up. I laughed for a bit and I screenshot it and tweeted it because I thought it was so hilarious!

“I give props to whoever runs the Samsung twitter account — it was a good burn!” he added

Samsung now joins the ranks of Mercedes-Benz and Wendy’s for being legendary on social media.

The German car maker destroyed a guy who asked how many retweets he would need to get some free wheels.

Mercedes told him 20 million, much to user Abdinoorx2’s delight. That was until he realised he had been trolled hard.


Wendy’s is waiting for a Twitter user to get to 18 million retweets before it offers him a year’s supply of chicken nuggets. The initiative has spawned the hashtag #NuggsForCarter, and while Carter is more than 14 million retweets behind his target, he’s closing in on becoming the most retweeted tweet of all time.

The mission has seen a bunch of high-profile companies congratulate Carter for reaching for his dreams.

Carter only needs less than 200 thousand more retweets and he will overtake the current record holder Ellen DeGeneres for her Oscars selfie which sits at 3.4 million.


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