Guy Gets Painfully Friendzoned On National Television –


Being friendzoned can hurt like a bitch.

While you thought things might have been going somewhere with another person, it can flip your world upside down when you find out that the feelings aren’t reciprocal. While no one is obliged to like you just because you like them, it still doesn’t make the pain any less severe.

So spare a thought for this poor man.

Appearing on US reality competition show Let’s Make A Deal, Steve and Jessie were just hoping to make some money – but what they ended up with was a lot of cringe.

They rocked up to the set sporting 1970s-inspired prom outfits, with a hell of a lot of excitement on display.

But when host Wayne Brady asks Steve how long they’ve been together, that’s when things get awkward. The moustachioed contestant confidently explains they’ve been enjoying a cheeky romance for about six months until Jessie chimes in saying they’re ‘just friends’.


You can actually pinpoint the second when his heart rips in half!


While that would be enough to hurt most people, the savageness doesn’t stop there.

He gives her a look that combines ‘what the fuck do you mean’ and ‘are you seriously doing this here’. Jessie even goes as far as confirming their opposing emotions by saying: “We’re just friends but he wants to…”

Steve cuts her off with: “Can we talk about this not in front of everyone?”

To add even more insult to injury, Jessie looks at the camera and tells America that she’s single and ready to mingle like a Pringle.

She can’t stop laughing at how awkward this is while Steve just looks bloody heartbroken.

The crowd similarly don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the awkward encounter. Is this a gag? Did they rehearse this? Is this the part where we clap? No one knows – it’s too cringey to work it out.

Wayne tries to steer the conversation away from their legit-or-not-legit relationship, but the damage has been done. Love is cancelled for today, ladies and gentlemen.

The worst thing for Steve’s presumably-now-fragile ego is that occurs at the start of their segment on the show, and they have to carry on and claim as many ‘zonks’ (aka deals) as possible – while Steve was probably wondering whether he should have picked a different date for the night.

Maybe have the ‘what are we’ chat before going on national TV and becoming the poster boy for friendzone.


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