Guy Just Wanted A Milkshake At A McDonald’s And Walked Into The Craziest Experience Of His Life

Josh Raby's McDonald's drive-thru mightmare

Nashville resident Josh Raby had a late-night hankering for a milkshake, so he drove over to his local McDonald’s assuming he’s be in and out of the drive-thru in a jiffy.

He had never been more wrong in his life.

Instead of a convenient transaction in which Raby exchanged a nominal amount of money in exchange for a food item, the poor man was party to a scene straight out of a bath salts-infused “Twilight Zone” episode.

Let’s not take my word for it, let’s hear the story from Raby himself.

So at this point, we can all agree that Raby should have just cut his losses and left, right? Thankfully for us, he didn’t.

Raby is apparently the kind of guy who can’t help but get involved in stuff. Bless him.

Now here’s where it gets dark.

So this drive-thru worker was distracted and discombobulated because he’s grieving his wife, right? Wrong! The story takes a sexy turn.

Raby clearly has the patience of a saint.

Whoa, is the drive-thru guy Gary Busey?

Our hero finally nears the end of his journey.

Of course, there is a shadowy cabal of McTruthers who doubt Raby’s harrowing tale, so he had this to say.

So, this story is over right? If only!

Apparently Raby is getting a lot of hostile responses because he’s a writer and therefore people assume he must have made the whole things up for kicks. He’s also levying criticism for allegedly making fun of working class people.

However, he doesn’t seem to take issue with he fact that Mabel Larson, the owner of this particular McDonald’s franchise, told The Leaf-Chronicle that Raby “sounds like a yo-yo idiot person.”

Anyway, so in the movie version of this epic, the McDonald’s drive-thru guy is definitely gonna be played by Crispin Glover.


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