Guy Kicks Girl Out Of Car On First Date After Disagreeing With Trump

Guy Kicks Girl Out Of Car On First Date After Disagreeing With Trump

This dude is getting awfully close to the insane level… He is dropping a girl off out of rage in the opposite direction of her car, in the rain! All because she didn’t agree with his opinion? Don’t worry, this is all justified, he is a model so hot chicks are always going to be coming to him.

The girl who got dropped off shared a message warning all girls in the area to be on the lookout. You might get in the car with this guy and end up getting dropped off in another state!

WARNING: This guy is an insane, mentally unstable, and dangerous!!! ladies if you see him in the boulder/ denver area, stay away. (he kicked me out in the rain and didn’t tell me where my car was bc i didn’t agree with his opinion) 

Kicking someone out in the first place is cold. Doing it in the rain, now that is some cold blooded drama right there…

Check out the warning below.

That text seems a little small to read? Don’t worry all the convo is pictured below:

She really went in on him during this walk home in the rain.

But the dude fired back with some “science” talk.

Model life…

Oh kiddo…


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