Guy Makes Mistake Of Opening Girlfriends Christmas Present In Front Of Entire Family

Guy Makes Mistake Of Opening Girlfriends Christmas Present In Front Of Entire Family

Awkward doesn’t even begin to describe to what happened to this poor dude. I would honestly break up with my girlfriend just so she would never have to see my family again.

He posted his fuck up on the TIFU subreddit for all of us to enjoy:

So this happened last night and I am finally ready to talk about it (I think.) To set up the story I need to first explain how my family Christmas party works. We all meet at a different one of my Dad’s brothers or sisters houses and spend a night then celebrate the whole next day. We play games, eat food, watch movies and at the end,, we do the gift exchange.  

This year we hosted the family party and everything was normal until the gift exchange. I still have no idea how or when this happened but at some point over the day someone made the mistake of moving one of the gifts in my room (personal gift not for the exchange) down stairs under the tree. 

This wouldn’t be a big deal if it was one of the gifts from my parents or brothers but the gift that was moved down there was the one from my girlfriend. 

To back track a little more, my friends, girlfriend, everyone has been joking for the last month or so about “sending nudes”. She has never sent me any before and thought it would be a nice surprise to pose in a bunch of festive ways nude. Great gift. But not today…. 

During the gift exchange, my 13-year-old cousin let out a “WHATTTTTT!” TO which everyone rushed over to see what awesome thing he got. My uncle had grabbed the gift before I got over to see what it was but not my mom. SHe was fucking pissed. She thought I did it as a prank with my girlfriend. Her and my Dad yelled at me and sent me to my room. Kids were crying, my aunt left early with two of my cousins and my Mom called my girlfriends parents (still thinking it was a prank) 

That night all my girlfriend texted me was wtf. I sent about 30 messages back to her with no response. I am hoping her parents just took her phone away. 

TL;DR Got kicked out of my family party after my little cousin saw my girlfriends nudes before I ever did.. 

He didn’t include any nudes and I am not about to be a dick on Christmas — Here are some more Send Nudes Christmas Edition Pics:

I am not the grinch:

Merry Christmas you filthy animals!


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