Guy Pisses Girl On Tinder Off When He Refuses To Stop Saying Hilarious Lime Puns

Maybe she’s a tad bitter.

So what’s more irritating? A guy on Tinder that only talks using Nickelback lyrics? Or a guy on Tinder who only talks using lime puns? Well, if you ask a gal named Madeline she’s going to tell you it’s the latter.

A dude on Reddit who goes by the name of Cuddlebot4000 decided to talk to Madeline after he had just match with her on Tinder by using lime puns. That’s it, just lime puns. And unfortunately, Madeline was not in a good mood at all, because after a few lime puns she was ready to tear this dude a new a-hole.

Check out the hilarious exchange below thanks to Reddit.

Damn, Madeline, you missed out. Just think about how many more puns he could have come up with during a second conversation. Hell, he could have just moved on to a lemon. But now it seems like Madeline will never know. Well, at least we find all this hilarious.




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