Guy Posts Selfie With Dead Teacher To “Complete” Blue Whale Challenge


What. Is. Wrong. With. People. This needs to stop. Why???

A student in Russia killed his teacher by slitting his throat, took a sinister selfie with the body and then took his own life.

It’s believed Andrey Emelyannikov used a knife to slit the throat of his 44-year-old health and safety lecturer at a polytechnic in Moscow, before killing himself.

Horiffic pictures have emerged online, believed to show Emelyannikov smiling as Sergei Danilov, his teacher and a father-of-three, bleeds to death next to him.



Law enforcement officials have linked the killing to a group of suicides which have occurred in the country recently, the sick social media death-game, ‘Blue Whale’.


Blue Whale involves players completing 50 tasks, which include disturbing acts such as watching horror movies and self-harming, before working their way through to the final task, which involves them committing suicide in some way.

State-owned NTV, according to the Daily Mail, report detectives said:

This was some kind of a game which by all characteristics remind of the Blue Whale game.

This is the main theory investigators have come up with so far and no other explanation has been put forward.



Local news channel NTV added:

The murder happened during a break in classes when the student came to his teacher from behind and stabbed him with a knife to his neck.

Then he posed for several selfies, smirking and looking relaxed with a toothpick nonchalantly in his mouth.

The Russian news station reported the student killed himself using an electric saw.

According to the student’s friends, his idol was Walter Sullivan – a character from the Silent Hill computer game – a maniac and a religious fanatic.

The teenager used an avatar with his character in his profile.

It’s reported he also posted a song called November’s Doom – along with pictures of the dead teacher.



A member of one of the forums Emelyannikov belonged to said the hashtag he used on his social media account – where he posted the horrific pictures of his dead teacher to – was 11117 – referring to the date of the killing.

He said:

Andrey committed his murder on 1 November 2017.

He began to write this number under his posts in our group a while ago.

Does it mean that he planned a murder long ago?’

In a disturbing revalation, the friend continued:

A couple of months ago he complained about his health and safety teacher, even saying that he would kill him sooner or later, but it’s a common thing on our forum.

Our guys often throw out threats to kill somebody, so we don’t pay any attention.

Students at the Western Complex of Continuous Education on Gvardeiskaya Street, in Moscow, say the teenager had a ‘conflict’ with his teacher, and Danilov was preparing to expel him from the polytechnic.


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