Guy Rejected On OKCupid Goes On Insane Rant That Lasts For Hours

Guy Rejected On OKCupid Goes On Insane Rant That Lasts For Hours



Redditor Inspirations365 recently had one of the worst online dating experiences we’ve ever seen, and while it must have been scary to live through, we’re definitely happy he shared it on Reddit. This text rant is chock-full of textbook red flags. It should probably be shown in middle school sex ed classes, as an example of what to watch out for in a date.

Inspirations365 met a man on OKCupid, and everything seemed chill at first. They exchanged numbers, and “Drew” began texting him regularly. A little too regularly. He explained what happened to a curious commenter:

The backstory is that I was talking to a guy I thought I might be interested in that I found online. Things were going okay at first, but then he started incessantly texting me. All day, every day. It’s annoying, but I figured it would die down over time.

Well, one day I’m driving myself and my coworkers back from lunch and he sent me a message that I couldn’t respond to right away, like 20 minutes tops. I got a passive aggressive text saying I could have called him if I couldn’t text if I was driving (yes, really), but I didn’t respond to that foolishness. The first text you see is what he put after that.

And these texts are something else. Inspirations365 uploaded the entire rant to Imgur, collected in 24 staggering screenshots. He titled the album “Don’t respond to crazy,” and we can’t disagree.

Does reading that make you want to never date again? Then our work is done. Stay safe out there.

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