Guy Sets Detailed ‘Ground Rules’ Before Taking His Girlfriend To The Movies

In a tweet that’s gotten wildly popular, Twitter user Stanley T (@TseStanley23) posted some screengrabs of texts from a guy who made sure to set “ground rules” for his girlfriend before taking her to see Infinity War with him. It’s not clear how Stanley got ahold of the texts, but either way, the whole thing is hilarious.

First the dude tells his lady that he’s got two tickets to the movie. Then he launches into a whole spiel about how his girlfriend is to act during the viewing. He’s definitely OBSESSED with the Avengers.

She can have whatever food she wants, just as long as she asks him for it beforethe movie. Once the film starts, no deal. Other rules include no talking, no hand-holding (ditto kissing), mandatory tears wept at the death of any main character, and a reasonable cancelation policy.

The final rule might be a little tough for some ladies (or men) to manage. Dude wrote, “If a crazy white guy wants to come up in there trying to ruin the movie by shooting at people, I need you to take him down quickly and keep him under control. Wait until after the movie to call the police, I don’t need the commotion interrupting the movie.”

Okay, to be fair, the last rule is a lot to ask. Still, he’s trying to make sure he’s got his bases covered.

He tells his girlfriend that if she abides by the rules, he’ll take her to her favorite ice cream place after the movie. Sounds like a decent, if strict, date.

Her response: just a single emoji. Funny how those things sometimes express our feelings better than words.

At least one person thought the woman shouldn’t acquiesce.

Hey, as long as she gave him notice, he could still find someone else to sit next to him, not touching, in complete silence (probably Jesse).

But others thought it fair.

Some folks tagged their significant others, letting them know the same rules might apply, or implying that the rules have already been laid down.

One person said she might be physically unable to stop herself from talking during the movie, because she’s a “nightmare.”

The biggest debate was over whether or not Infinity War deserved such reverence.

Personally, I’d sit through just about any movie for free food and ice cream (and if the movie’s free, too, that’s a major bonus). The shooting part might be a little difficult, though.

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