Guy Does ‘Social Experiment’ To See What Chicks Will Do For Free iPhone, Girl Proceeds To Dump Oil All Over Herself

Ksenia, the pretty young blonde willing to strip to her underwear and cover herself in engine oil in return for a new iPhone

Ksenia drives off with blogger Dmitry Shilov and two of his friends to carry out the iPhone challenge

Let the challenge commence: Russian girl Ksenia pours engine oil over her head in exchange for the latest iPhone

Keen to obtain the latest bit of kit, Ksenia covers the rest of her body

Not much persuasion needed: Posing in her underwear and drenched in oil, Ksenia perches on the bonnet of a car and looks at the camera


The newest iPhone is the 6. The guy doing the “social experiment” in this video is offering them a 5S.

As in, these people are doing stupid stunts in front of a camera for all to see in exchange for an old iPhone.

Up your standards ladies. I know you’re in Russia and fancy tech is hard to come by but jeez, is getting an iPhone really worth your dignity and sel- respect? Doubtful at best.



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