Guy Who ‘Spent $26,000 To Look Like David Beckham’ Says Taxpayers Will Pay For His Life

Guy Who ‘Spent $26,000 To Look Like David Beckham’ Says Taxpayers Will Pay For His Life

The man who allegedly paid a ludicrous £20,000 to look exactly like David Beckham has claimed that taxpayers will ‘pay for the rest of his life’, according to the Sun.

Jack Johnson said he had initially lied about paying 20K to look like Becks to get on ITV show This Morning, just because he’s one of those people who wants to be famous. It shouldn’t have been that much of a mystery, really. I mean, look…


Weirdly though, it seems as if he wants everyone to hate him, as he claims taxpayers will pay for his cosmetic procedures, his party lifestyle and, well, the rest of his life.

“I’m going to Poland soon to have work done to my face to look like him and taxpayers will be paying for it,” he told The Sun online. “Taxpayers are paying for my champagne lifestyle and will continue to pay because I have got depression.

“I was diagnosed with a very mild case of it, but depression is depression.

“Why should I work when you can have David Beckham’s lifestyle by just staying home?”

He claims that he receives “£370-a-week Jobseeker’s Allowance and Disability Living Allowance”, plus his “£400 monthly rent paid” by the state.

Using that money he’s booked himself into a clinic in Krakow for a nose job and face lift.

“I got back-paid some money after my benefits got stopped about three months after I was on This Morning,” he tolf The Sun.

“People reported me as they thought now I’m famous I’m making loads of money.

“I didn’t get any benefits for about four months in total.

“I’m back on them now and even laughing more as I got back paid £4,500.”

He also claims that he’s going to change his name to Beckham via deed poll, as well as training to become a professional footballer. Only after he’s had his gastric band next year, though.

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