Guy Takes Selfie With Girlfriend At The Exact Moment She Cheats On Him

Guy Takes Selfie With Girlfriend At The Exact Moment She Cheats On Him

There’s getting caught redhanded, and then there’s this.

Let’s all talk about an Argentinian man named Mariano. The 22-year-old is currently blowing up on Twitter after uploading a selfie that shows him staring ahead while a man and a woman make out at a party. That woman? His girlfriend. That man she’s kissing? Not him. And boy, the photo is simply glorious.

Take a look at it below thanks to Mariano’s Twitter:

The caption is in Spanish, but it states:

“My girlfriend (now ex) didn’t realize we came to the same party.”

Here’s a closer look at the selfie:

The story doesn’t end there as Mariano’s gal then reached out to him to apologize and blames her mistake on the “fatty” that was “very insistent with me…”

Mariano’s girlfriend also adds that she was “very drunk.” Mariano’s response?

“You could have made a bit more of an effort.”

Perhaps not shocking, but Mariano and his girlfriend are no more. More shocking? That Mariano exactly found humor in this and was chill enough to take a selfie of his girlfriend making out with another guy. Kudos to him for not losing his mind and burning down the building, all her stuff, destroying her car and then crying into a pillow like most guys would have done.


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