Guy Thinks He Got Sent Extremely Inappropriate Picture Of Wife From Birthday Party

This dude almost just got his ass murdered by his buddy. By sending this pic of his buddies wife doing something that ends in “job” over a text message.


Dodging the calls for a little by mistake was just asking for the knock on the door and possible kill shot.

This all could have been avoided if we didn’t have smartphones. #bringBackFlipPhones

You know those pictures where you think you see something dirty when really it is just your mind playing tricks on you? Like these:

Just a bad spot to do some yoga and NO THAT IS NOT SOME DUDES DICK!

Those are the pics. Back to the story.

This dude sent this first picture of his wife at a kids bday party. What could go wrong?

At first glance that definitely looks like she is shoving something hotdog shaped into her mouth. Could it be a hot dog? Maybe it was some sort of party game and that end tip just happens to kinda of sort of look like a dick?

This is all of us thinking rationally. Again, in the heat of the moment. You see that picture of your wife there is going to be some explaining going on ASAP.

Only problem, Chris (the dude who sent the pic) didn’t respond back right away!

“Hey dude here’s a photo of your wife at my son’s birthday”

Attaches BJ looking pic.


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