Guy Tricks Cheating Girlfriend Into Sending Nude Snapchats To Fake Account

Guy Tricks Cheating Girlfriend Into Sending Nude Snapchats To Fake Account

I have said it 100’s of times on this site. Getting cheated on sucks. Cheaters are the worst and don’t ever seem to care about anyone other then themselves. There doesn’t seem to be any sign that cheaters are going to stop being scum.

Today we got introduced to another one in our inbox.

This guy could sense something was up with his girlfriend of 2 years.

She started acting weird. showing up later to the house after he work shift. Little things started adding up. She changed her some of he social media passwords and blocked me on Instagram. She told me it was because ‘i asked 2 many questions’. She is on her phone at all times even when we are eating but I couldn’t find anything concrete to support my suspicion… That’s when I decided to create some stealth accounts and track her movements. 

Her my story on Snapchat painted a different picture then a lady in a serious relationship. She was open to get Snapcash, had an amazon wishlist on her Instagram and had a private chat service account I have never even heard of. 

While I was saving her Stories and picks for a week I was carrying on a conversation with her and we obvisisoly were connecting I knew everything about her. I decided at that moment I would try and set up a date with her and show up as myself with printed copies of all this bullshit. 

I never got that far. I lost my cool after getting her to get all the way naked and bang herself. 

I never even had to send a picture back… ” 



“It was way too easy to get her naked”


“F*ck this bitch. I texted all of the photos to her Mom and brother and packed her stuff up so she couldn’t get back in my house.”

He planned on posting more of his story on the subreddit called Pro Revenge, so I will keep a look out and see if it updates on there.

At least you got out before you invested more time and energy into a worthless cheater.


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