Guy Uploads Video Of Him Having Sex With Woman While Abusing Her In Men’s Forum

A man, if you can call him that, has posted a video of himself having sex with a woman to a private online men’s group.

The man, from Australia, uploaded the clip, asking the question: ‘What’s the biggest whale you have harpooned?’

He posted; ‘I went through a tubby phase and landed this 130 kg beast’.

The disgusting and demeaning post was shared on a private men’s group on social media site Facebook, where over 14,000 members were able to view.

Fair play to decent human beings like Hayden Brien, who saw the post and took a stand by sharing it publicly, slating the guy, but has since suffered a barrage of abuse himself.

Hayden wrote on his Facebook:


A guy posted screenshots from a video of him having sex with someone on Facebook (yeah I’m ‘dogging the boys’ whoops) and you’d assume it wasn’t taken let alone POSTED with her consent.


In a screenshot of the video the man can be seen leering over a bed and luckily for the poor woman, the rest has been censored.

Shockingly, Hayden Brien states that Facebook have said there is in fact, NOTHING wrong with the post.

He continued:

So because I’m a semi-decent person I reported the image to Facebook AND THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING.
According to them, the post – “doesn’t go against any of our specific Community Standards” AND IT REMAINS IN THE GROUP FOR EVERYONE TO SEE IDK HOW THIS IS BEYOND A JOKE.

Mr Brien has worryingly received abuse for sticking up for this poor woman, with one user writing ‘F*** up ya poof… dogging the boys’.

Thankfully, most saw sense with one user replying to Hayden saying, ‘Thanks for being one of the decent blokes’.


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