Guy Uses Panty Wearing Girlfriend To List Signed Jerseys On eBay

Guy Uses Panty Wearing Girlfriend To List Signed Jerseys On eBay –


The eBay jersey market must be more competitive then I thought. You know what they always say. “Sex sells”. This is just weird tho.

I’ll take my signed Shaq jersey with a side of camel toe?!

I want to know the process that goes on here. Does he get the merch and just yell to his girl. “Babe, get in here and take your clothes off! WE NEED MORE CAMEL TOE!”

The post that was going viral on the web today just had this one picture.

If you are looking for: Red and yellow Atlanta Hawks stitched custom authentic style size large jersey (no manufacturer tags) autographed in black marker on the back number 2 by Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins and inscribed Human Highlight Film on the 1. Obtained in person at paid signing, with photo from the signing, authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) with their matching numbered sticker on the jersey and certificate of authenticity card.

MODEL NOT INCLUDED. This is the item for you!

Me being the creep I am reverse image searched that and found the dudes eBay account. It is full of gems!


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