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I don’t see cinematography being in someone’s future.

Although, with feminism being feminism, if a lady is unnecessarily in my face and hits me, it’s self-defense. Do. Not. Care. You women want equality, I’m an ally, be prepared for the unsavory side if you’re being unsavory.

+1 She got a better deal than equality. She pressed and pressed and escalated, trying to take advantage of his gender. Finally, she crossed the black line in the sand where a bro beats his ho.

I would never ever hit a woman, unless…. she hits me! Then, the chains come off! That girl thought he was a coward and weak. She mistook his politeness as weakness. I’ve seen girls like her before and they never know when they’ve crossed the line. Well, untill they get slammed on the ground. I think she got off light.

She started the fight when she began to push him; lesson to all the young girls out there… be prepared to fight when you start a fight with anyone. That IS one of the prices you pay for equality.
Sure, a ‘gentleman’ doesn’t hit a lady but a ‘lady’ doesn’t start a fight in the first place… and – man, woman, or child – it is NEVER wrong to defend yourself from a bully/attacker of any gender.

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