Guy Wakes Up To Find Date And His $10K Rolex Gone

Guy Wakes Up To Find Date And His $10K Rolex Gone

This isn’t the first time we’ve written about a gal stealing from a dude while he’s asleep as we once told you about a woman who stole $70,000 from a dude after a one-night stand. And so this new story doesn’t surprise us at all.

After a night of hard partying, a Brazilian tourist woke up in his pricey Manhattan hotel room to find that his hot date was gone. Oh, so was his expensive Rolex watch. And of course there are photos of the gal. Have a look:

Blurry, but she looks hot, right? Let’s just go with yes.

The 26-year-old Rio de Janeiro tourist tells police that he met the sticky bandit at PHD Terrace at the Dream Hotel, and that all the partying between the pair ended at his hotel near Lafayette St. The man tells police he felt woozy after his final drink, and he believes he was drugged.

And now because of all that his date and his watch are gone. Police are still looking for the gal. In conclusion, never trust a pretty face. But honestly, the lesson here is to not wear a $10k watch in New York City.


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