Guy Who Went Viral For Grading His Ex’s Apology Letter Got Charged With Cyber-Bullying


Anytime you guys are sitting there seeing something dumb “going viral” and wish it was you, think twice. This guy went viral for getting dumped. Now his college is dumping him.

Talk about your all time backfires.

The University of Central Florida student who graded his ex’s misspelled apology note then tweeted it, has been suspended for cyber bullying.

Nick Lutz received the letter from his former girlfriend earlier this year, apologizing for her behavior during the relationship. But he took the ultimate revenge by picking up on the mistakes in the letter in red pen and sharing it on Twitter.

The tweets of the note, which he graded as a D minus for repetition and bad handwriting, quickly went viral, prompting his ex to file cyber-bullying claim.

If you missed the tweets here they are again:

‘Looking back at it now, it’s probably the craziest thing that will ever happen in my life,’ he told WFTV.
‘My main goal was never to expose her. It was to show the emphasis on the letter,’ he added.

But the University of Central Florida believes the tweet violated its code of conduct for disruption and cyber-bullying and have suspended him for two semesters and put him on probation.

Lutz’s attorney argues that it is a violation of his First Amendment right to free speech.
‘That should really, fundamentally, concern people. Not only those who are students, but people who believe in the idea of freedom of expression,’ said attorney Jacob Stuart.

Hopefully, this guy can fight his case because this is a bunch of bullshit!

UPDATE: Just as OJ got a 19th chance 1 hour ago Lutz tweeted out this!

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