Guys With A Certain Shape Of Face Are More Likely To Cheat – According To Some Science


In today’s news about your face—if you’re a man and it’s particularly wide, you’re probably a cheater. Go get a ruler and a mirror and throw out everything you thought you knew about yourself. If your face is “more square or boxy,” you cannot be trusted.

I’m kidding, but those were the results of an actual scientific study by researchers who decided who cares about cancer, we need a crack team to study my ex’s cheating face.

According to a study published by Archives of Sexual Behavior, “facial width-to-height ratio (FWHR)” is linked “to a host of psychological and behavioral characteristics, primarily in men.”

FWHR has been previously linked to increased testosterone.

Via a Newsweek report on this groundbreaking new way to screen your Tinder dates, the study found “that both men and women with shorter, wider faces were more sexually motivated, meaning they have higher libidos.”

“Men with very wide faces (calculated as facial width-to-height ratio, or FWHR) had a higher sex drive than others and were more open to casual sex that does not involve love or commitment,” they write. “They also considered being unfaithful to their significant others.”

Right now it’s natural to reflect back on every cheater you’ve ever known. What did their faces look like? Kinda square, you’re thinking. Hey, what about Brad Pitt? He’s always in cheating rumors!

Yeah! And his face is kinda square! Well, that’s all the evidence I need, personally.

But if you’re curious about the methodology here, well, Forbes has a good breakdown of the two studies that led to the wide-face equals cheating conclusion. From Forbes:

The first study recruited 145 heterosexual students (69 males and 76 females) from a mid-sized Canadian university who were currently in romantic relationships, measured the dimensions of their faces from facial photographs and then had them complete sexual drive questionnaires.

The second study recruited 314 students (43% men) from a different small Canadian university which was about 350 km away from the university where the first study was conducted. In addition to measuring the participant’s FWHRs on facial photographs and sex drive via questionnaires, the researchers also had the participants complete questionnaires designed to measure attitudes towards and likelihood of infidelity or cheating.

According to the studies, a correlation was found between men with high FWHR and “unrestricted sociosexuality.”

In layman’s terms, those wide-faced dudes are more likely to cheat on you.

Find yourself a man with a skinny face.


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