Guys Expertly Troll Friend Into Confessing Secret About Sex With His Friend’s Ex

The dick head part of me thinks this is hilarious but at the same time, I feel really bad for Mike and Cooper. Their friendship is FUCKED! All because their buddies were upset Cooper picked hanging with his GF over them.

I was about to get into the back story but that is really all we were given. These guys have been friends since Junior High and are off at College in Florida.

Cooper picked hanging with his girlfriend over going to a party with his bros so they decided to “teach him a lesson”. The plan all along was to get him to think another one of their friends “Mike” got drunk and hooked up with his little sister.

Genius plan, right? How could this backfire…..


First glance at Coopers sister at the party let’s see how he handles it.


Not expecting to see little sis on some frat bros shoulders with a red solo in hand. He is for sure not ready (no one should be) to see the next pics.


SPOILER ALERT: YES! THAT IS NOT HIS SISTERS ASS. That is a picture they just grabbed off the Google machine assuming good old Coop wouldn’t know what his sister booty looked like. It worked once, why not try it again with a more aggressive ass shot.

Great friends.


WAKE UP COOPER! NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE SAME BOOTY. I guess in the heart of rage all butts look the same?

Mike passing around your sister’s nudes is one thing. Smashing your sister is another. Cooper is pissed. Who wouldn’t be?

Now that he is in full rage mode, why not throw one more pic at him.


Here is where the poor planning I mentioned before takes place.

The group text “Ya Neva Know – Shoutout Mike Stud uhyuu” is roasting Cooper with these nudes from Mike…. BUT doesn’t include MIKE!

So what would you do if you were Cooper? Start calling Mike and texting him. Which is exactly what goes down. Side note, poor Mike has no idea what is going on and never banged his sister.




He was way too calm typing out that part about banging his girl in High School. He went from all caps to proper grammar, lower case, oh and dropped a bomb about losing his V card. Janie you hoe!

The group chat ends with some emojis and 0 apologizes…



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