Guy’s Reason He Can’t Be Father Of Ex’s Baby Is Most Bizarre You’ll Ever Hear

This guy’s reason for claiming he can’t be the dad of his ex’s baby is the most hilarious, yet disturbing thing ever. 

By now, most people should be aware abut how babies are made, but it seems this crucial bit of information somehow went over this guy’s head.

Aidy, a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show, sent viewers into a meltdown this morning, when he gave the most bizarre reason as to why he couldn’t possibly be the dad of his ex-girlfriend’s baby.

Here’s footage of his shocking confession:

If you’re not sitting down, then I suggest you find a seat asap, as I recount his eye-opening little revelation.

The 48-year-old guest – so definitely more than old enough to know better – rocked up onto the show and explained he couldn’t be the dad of ex’s baby, because she was ‘on top’ when they had sex. Yes, you heard that exactly right.

He then added to the baffling situation by saying ‘sperm just falls straight back out because of gravity.’ Um I don’t think it quite works like that Aidy…


At this point, Jeremy turned to the audience with a look of pure bewilderment, he expressed his shock.

He exclaimed:

Please don’t try this at home!

His ex, Donna, was obviously not taking this for an excuse though, remaining absolutely adamant Aidy was the dad and wanted him to take a DNA test to prove it.


After four months of being with the then 47-year-old, Donna fell pregnant, but he claimed because of his age and their sex position, there was no way they could ‘create life.’

He then added:

It’s just what I’ve been told.

On top of this, he also believed his ex had been cheating on him, meaning in his eyes there was very little chance he was the dad.

He explained:

It might be paranoid, but to me I thought she was talking to another bloke.

The DNA test proved Aidy was the dad to the six-month-old child, putting an immediate stop to his peculiar and massively incorrect views on contraception.

Of course, viewers were horrified over Aidy’s confession and couldn’t help but to take to Twitter to share their confused thoughts.

Oh dear, looks like Aidy was elsewhere during sex education class.

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