Guys Reveal Most Savage Ways They Were Dumped By Their Girlfriends


Being dumped sucks.

There’s no two ways about it – unless you’ve been unhappy in your relationship, there’s usually nothing positive about being broken up with, at least not in the immediate aftermath.

And besides the heartbreak, the dreading telling your friends part and the inevitable jealousy you’ll get seeing your ex with another person, the worst part about it all can sometimes be the way it happened.


For these guys, it was pure savage.

From text messages to cheating abroad, here are some of the worst breakup stories as told by Reddit.

D_Oberman’s relationship was just an on-the-side to his girlfriend:

One day she wasn’t texting back, and I got a message late in the afternoon saying ‘sorry I’ve been busy. Oh by the way I think we should break up.’

I then found out she’d been at another guy’s house the whole day. I don’t know how long she’d been cheating on me, and I don’t want to either.


Sanicbam’s breakup wasn’t particularly long:

I got Whatsapp messages. Three pictures with her and some other guy. She then added ‘Oops, these weren’t meant for you.’


Reddit user Siliceously_Sintery had it rough:

I met a girl when she was a couple months pregnant, fell pretty hard. Helped her through the process, ended up even being her birth partner. Cutest kid. I did everything right, was very supportive, a life saver when she wasn’t able to get around by herself.

Anyway, she works through PPD. After that, we’re still going strong, the cute kid helps. Come Christmas time, we’re house sitting, with the kid, having a great time. Exchange gifts, the whole works. I go to work one day, stop a friend’s house on the way home. Sending her texts but I’m getting terse comments in reply. I figure she’s just busy or something, get going.

I walk through the door, and everything is just gone. All the baby stuff, stroller, walker, everything. All hints of her and the baby have just been vacuumed up. A little note left on the counter, saying ‘Nice knowing you.’

…most awkward thing in the world was having to tell people when they asked about the cute little baby they’d had the chance to meet.
She ended up giving the kid up to her parents, getting married, getting divorced, and this was all in the last 2 years.


And so did PlanetaryGenocide:

In high school my ex broke up with me by texting me on christmas morning at like 7am to tell me she was leaving me for some other dude (who I later found out she was cheating on me with). That was fun.

This guy’s girlfriend cheated on him with an ex:

GF of a few months went to Paris with some friends (1:20h flight from here) and by pure chance met her ex who had left her before. She came back explaining she would leave me for the chance of being with him again after they fucked around in Paris.

It was pretty bad. Being cheated on and broken up with. In the long run it was for the best. She stayed single for many years.


CardinalsFanatic said:

She cheated on me after 5+ years of dating but still refused to break up (she was ‘confused’), so I had to do it. So not only did I have to be upset about the fact she cheated, but also had to deal with her negative reaction to me breaking up with her.

Dodged a bullet, though, I don’t talk to her anymore but heard through a mutual friend she cheated on 2 other dudes she dated after me. Glad I didn’t listen to her pleas to take her back.


Redandblack555 was so upset he had to pull the car over and puke:

After confronting her about cheating on me, I left and got the final text ‘you have no right to come here, you will never see me or anyone in my family again.’ I was very close with her mother and brothers and wanted to at least continue a relationship with them.

I pulled over and puked and cried.

Being single never looked so good…


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