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Guys! You Could Soon Get Your Penis Enlarged By Three Inches Using Your Own Stem Cells!

Guys! You Could Soon Get Your Penis Enlarged By Three Inches Using Your Own Stem Cells!

Men could soon have the option of enlarging their penises by using their own stem cells, and may be able to increase the size of their manhood by up to three inches.

The procedure involves using a combination of fat – via liposuction – and healthy stem cells from a patient’s body.

It’s a method that’s becoming increasingly popular among women after bigger breasts and bums, who also don’t want to use any synthetic or harmful materials.

95 percent of people said they would prefer stem cell procedures over traditional plastic surgery, if they had to choose, according to a survey carried out by the UK’s stem cell bank

Stem Protect says that it marks a ‘new age of cosmetic surgery’, and that the estimated cost would be ‘less than £5,000 ($6,900)’.

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“We often get inquiries from men wanting to grow their hair back, which is impossible at the moment,” Mark Hall of Stem Protect explained.

“But now we are also beginning to get them for penis enlargements. They have heard about stem cells, which can regenerate any tissue – so why not?

“People are now very aware that natural is better, but at the same time they want to improve their appearance wherever they can.

“The result is something that stem cells can really help with, growing tissue from a person’s own cells so it’s not rejected by the body.

“Nowhere is this more useful than in complicated and sensitive surgeries such as penis enlargement.

“Anything other than natural tissue is always a big risk, but with stem cells you can effectively just improve on nature using all the original materials.”

He continued: “We are entering a new age of cosmetic surgery, one which is striving to not only look more natural than ever before, but which is also seeking to use more and more natural materials and procedures to achieve the finished look.”

Enlarging your penis with your own stem cells is probably a better idea than some of the other, slightly leftfield options out there.

Roberto Esquivel Cabrera – known as the man with the world’s largest penis – is said to have been, er, ‘stretching’ the truth behind his achievement, with doctors saying that his 18.9-inch penis is actually just a whole lot of foreskin.

Yep, that’s right – Cabrera has apparently stretched out his own foreskin to create the record-breaking schlong.

Pretty sure stem cell enlargements are probably seeming a whole lot more appealing right about now…

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