Guys With Fart Fetishes Reveal Their Wildest Fantasies

Guys With Fart Fetishes Reveal Their Wildest Fantasies –

In everyday life, farting is…gross.

For many people though, farting is the central fetish which turns them on, desiring nothing more than a loud wet one to get off to.

Perhaps it’s not a comfortable idea for some, but three guys who love nothing more than a gas attack spoke to Vice about it.


Fart fetishism, also known as eproctophilia, is very different from coprophilia (faeces and defecation).

It’s that their senses are heightened and libido’s are triggered by either being farted on or farting on someone else.

Many people who have eproctophilia remember having a focused interest on farts from a very young age.

Jason, a 22-year-old straight man from the US said his earliest fantasies took place at the age of six, when he used to imagine spending time with the famously farty Pumbaa from The Lion King.

Despite his obsession, Jason explained how his parents were strict:

I remember I wasn’t allowed to even use the word ‘fart’ when I was little so that probably made it feel more taboo or forbidden to me.

52-year-old Ric from Australia could also remember his wonder with flatulence dating back to a very young age.

Ric recalled:

As a young boy, I always had an unsaid admiration for other boys who were public farters, as they always seemed so uninhibited, confident, and a little subversive.

One day, when I was feeling a little jaded and wanting to shock, I farted rather loudly in front of another man in the university gym changing room. I then did this on a regular basis. Sometimes, my farts actually received a positive response.

As both men grew older, they realised their innocent fixation on farts was in fact a sexual fetish, which developed into fart-related masturbatory fantasies.

However, Jason explained he hasn’t experienced any face-to-butt action just yet, he goes to ‘online forums’ and experiences the fetish through videos.

Jason described the videos he watches:

They don’t contain sex or nudity. Most of the ones I watch are solo videos where the model is alone, either completely dressed or in suggestive clothing, like lingerie.

man abroad with the aim of experiencing his farting fantasy.

Ric explained:

We spent 24 hours together, while we were together, we farted in front of each other in various locations (e.g. a restaurant), farted on each other’s hands and eventually, in each other’s faces.

Vice also spoke to a third man, Fabio, from Brazil, who not only has regular cheek-to-cheek interactions, but is a straight male who’s only attracted to the farts of other men.

At the age of five, 37-year-old Fabio was excited by his friend’s farts and as he got older, his interest only grew stronger.

Fabio recalled an encounter with a friend:

We were watching TV and he deliberately farted on my face, trying to be funny.

He didn’t know I was near his butt cheeks to appreciate them and his fart made my dreams come true.

Fabio explained farting with someone else made him feel more connected to them because ‘it means he likes me and it allows me to know him deeply, in a way no one does’.

Each to their own. It turns out smelling your partner’s farts can actually make you live longer anyway!

A research team at the University of Exeter discovered it’s good for you to inhale your partner’s stinky farts, as the gases in them can combat diseases.

Maybe it’s the way forward?

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