Half-Mile Tunnel On US-Mexico Border Packed With 2 TONS Of Cocaine And 7 TONS Of Marijuana

Half-Mile Tunnel On US-Mexico Border Packed With 2 TONS Of Cocaine And 7 TONS Of Marijuana


While American politicians are arguing about walls on the border of Mexico, drug cartels are already ways ahead of them by building subterranean tunnels to smuggle stupid amounts of cocaine and marijuana.

Drug traffickers dug a half-mile long tunnel underneath the California-Mexico border that begins at a house in Tijuana and ends in the Otay Mesa neighborhood of San Diego, and inside was 2,240 pounds of cocaine and 14,000 pounds of marijuana (Well shit, 4/20 was two days ago, it’s a little late for that kind of party).

The opening on the U.S. side is a 3-foot-diameter hole that was covered by an industrial dumpster in an industrial part of San Diego, where trucks could go unnoticed and provide cover. It led all the way to the inside of a closet in a Tijuana home.. U.S. federal agents believe that the 874-yard tunnel is the “longest cross-border tunnel ever discovered.”

This wasn’t just some dopey hole that two dudes shoveled out on a Sunday in the same time it took them to drink two six-packs. This zig-zagging tunnel spanned nearly nine football fields, and was equipped with a rail system, ventilation, lights and a large elevator. The elevator, which was located in the closet of a Tijuana house, was large enough to accommodate up to 10 people.

They had sooooo much booger sugar that they needed an elevator and a rail system. Someone probably had to say, “Hey boss, the guys and I are really tired of carrying all these drugs down the tunnel, we’re thinking of forming a union if you don’t making transporting all these thousands of pounds of yayo easier on our backs. Maybe get an elevator and some sort of railroad to haul all these bricks?”

On Wednesday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said two tons of cocaine and seven tons of marijuana, worth nearly $22 million, were seized. I’m sure one mighty drug cartel was probably really peeved and said, “Aw fiddlesticks! But I guess that’s the cost of doing business.” Then calmly went about his day and totally didn’t hang someone from a flying helicopter or give 20 associates Colombian neckties.

“On the surface, few would ever suspect that traffickers were moving multiton quantities of cocaine and marijuana worth tens of millions of dollars in such an unassuming way, through this rabbit hole in the ground, in full view of the world around it,” U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy said in a release.

On Friday, the US attorney’s office said that six people were arrested in San Diego in connection with the tunnel, the 13th sophisticated secret passage found along California’s border with Mexico since 2006.

*Starts looking for tunnels*


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