Halloween is a great time for us dudes. We get to get smashed and dressed up in something stupid and get to look at all these skimpy outfits.

After many Halloween nights, I have discovered that there is a method to the girl madness.

If you like gaming, maybe you will find your true love with a gamer girl.

The shorter the outfit the better

Less is more!

If you are smart you will stay away from the girls who spent way too much time on their costumes. They are out there to impress other girls, not you. Look for superheros

If you are a single guy in college you got a lot of chances on Halloween night. I like the odds with a group like this



Sometimes it is hard for girls to think up original ideas, but thats fine.


Veryyyy nice

I like the girls who you don’t know what the f*ck they are suppose to be… but you don’t care

Sometimes they just give up

So go out there dudes, and get lucky!


Halloween Is The Best Holiday – 15 Girls With Skimpy Slutty Outfits

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