Harry And Meghan’s Wedding Will Reportedly Cost $44 Million

Even the cheaper weddings of the world don’t exactly come cheap – as you’ll know if you’veever seen reality series Don’t Tell The Bride, where grooms are given £13,000 (as in, what sounds like absolutely loads) to plan the big day all on their own but still end up struggling to afford everything.


But that’s nothing compared to the reported cost of the biggest wedding of the year – that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose big day on 19 May is expected to cost £32 million ($43 million).

Wedding planning company Bridebook has done the maths, calculating the cost based on flowers, food, entertainment and dress coming in at £1,969,873 ($2,668,752).

That was then added to the £120,000 ($162,574) honeymoon and – wait for it  £30m ($40.6m) security costs.


The Mirror reports that because of this hefty figure, it’s expected that the Windsor Castle wedding will be among the top ten most expensive weddings of all time.

However, it is thought that the historic wedding will also bring in around £500m ($677m) in tourism and merchandise.

Apparently the security price tag is the largest expenditure, which will include snipers, undercover police and a counter-drone system.

Ah, snipers – the wedding staple, eh?

After the ceremony, which takes place at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, the reception will be at St George’s Great Hall, also within the castle.

The the party will move to the Upper Ward grounds of Windsor, and while the couple won’t have to fork out for the venue, they will apparently have to pay for a luxury marquee costing £350,000 ($474,000).

Then there’s the catering for a formal lunch reception for state guests and a dinner reception for their actual family and friends. The price on that? £286,000 ($387,389).

Speaking of the food, who could forget the cake? Well, no one – given that it’s reportedly going to cost £50,000 ($67,725). And it’s said to be banana flavour, too, which is just weird.

You’d expect the drinks would be the most spendy element of the day (as they should be, tbh), but bevs will cost just £193,000 ($261,416) – which is nothing compared to the wedding dress, which is expected to cost at least £300,000 ($406,399).

On top of that, there’s the £110,000 ($148,993) flowers, £17,000 ($23,026) photos, £300,000 ($406,399) entertainment with rumours of everyone from Elton John to the Spice Girls, decorations at £130,000 ($176,083), posh invites for £20,000 ($27,089), £90,000 (121,904) trumpets – yeah, we know! – £6,000 ($8,126) rings, £8,000 ($10,835) groomswear, £175 ($237) church fees, and much, much more.

We’re exhausted just thinking about it.

In a world of waste we clamor about and celebrate those who can do it the best.  Expensive tastes make you great! Don’t think about the horrors of the world!  Remember to partake in your bread and circuses, and if you get tired of all that, then look at what the rich have!  You can have it too!  Chase the luxurious and feel gratified! Chase it quickly, you are so close to getting that feeling of fulfillment and success! Don’t think about where this money could have gone!  This cake sure is delicious isn’t it? Elton john sure is lovely.  This all surely was worth it right?


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