Have You Heard Of This Drake #Inmyfeelings Challenge? Because Someone Is Definitely About to Die Doing It

Look, we’re all into Drake’s Scorpion, but are we into it enough to die for it? When a video of Instagramer theshiggyshow dancing to the song “In My Feelings” went viral, the #inmyfeelings challenge was born. And much like a newborn baby, it was sweet and pure at the begining, but soon, it would evolve into something dangerous. Take a look at this first video, and you can see what it was like at the begining:

#Mood : KEKE Do You Love Me ? ??? @champagnepapi #DoTheShiggy #InMyFeelings

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Nothing dangerous here! (Although, maybe look both ways before you dance in the street.)

At some point, the #inmyfeelings challenge changed; evolved. (Devolved?) Instead of just dancing to “In My Feelings” in the street, challenge-takers started hopping out of moving cars to dance to “In My Feelings” in the street. This is an example of the horrifically dangerous version of the stunt, and to be honest, I have mixed feelings about even posting it — it feels like we’re glamorizing an act that usuallykills people.

It’s like posting a video of someone doing a bunch of cocaine and then doing great at work and getting a promotion and a big, cool corner office.

And so, to balance things out, here is how the car-jumping version of the challenge usually goes:

Obviously, the car-jumping version of the #inmyfeelings challenge is going to get someone killed. And while I feel like y’all probably get it, you should never, ever jump out of a moving car for any reason.

… Well, okay. There is one reason.

How does your day-to-day change when The Joker is on the loose?



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