Hellish Australian Brushfire Overtakes Firefighters’ Truck


As Australia continues to battle powerful brushfires, new footage from around the country shows the shocking effect on the ground. In Wyoming, New South Wales, a crew of firefighters filmed their truck being overtaken by a swift-moving fire, forcing them to take shelter in the vehicle:



The crew, luckily, made it out okay.

Meanwhile, nightmarish images from the coastal town of Mallacoota show the town’s residents sheltering in boats, with the sky turned a hellish red:


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Yep, it’s bad. Thousands of homes lost so far but today, Friday and tomorrow, Saturday are going to be Armageddon. Temps are 42 and 43 degrees. (109.4 F to you guys) with strong westerly winds from the centre of Australia. A lot of towns are under evacuation orders, but in a lot of cases, there’s no where to go as the major highways are cut. Canberra, where I am, isn’t on fire yet, but we’ve topped the world chart in worst air quality indexes, beating Delhi for 3 weeks running. Major fire fronts to the west of us, so fingers crossed. Truck is fuelled, fire plan in place. Not as bad as the poor souls all along the coastal fringes. We’ve got rainforests burning that have been too wet to burn for literally millions of years. Apologies to New Zealand too.

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