Here Is The Most Complete First Person Account Of The Capitol Riots We’ve Seen

This 39 minute video documents the storming of the Capitol building leading up to the shooting of Ashli Babbitt. Viewer discretion is advised.

One reply on “Here Is The Most Complete First Person Account Of The Capitol Riots We’ve Seen”

What could easily happen:

Pence won’t invoke the 25th, so Pelosi impeaches Trump, but can’t finish before the end of his term. Trump doesn’t blanket pardon rioters, to save his own skin, but hints if he were President again he would. Democrats go for a slow and steady impeachment because they must block him from ever holding office again. Far right gets desperate because if they lose they go to jail, so there is a bigger riot attempted on inauguration day but it is crushed by the National Guard.

Trump is impeached in June, after lots of Republicans are removed from office. The logical reaction is a general uprising and a great many deaths, but not an official civil war because state politicians don’t dare and the military is too integrated. Trump doubles down and is brought to trial for his crimes, but it just makes things worse.

Beyond that I have no idea but there is a chance of America turning facist by 2022 with a substantially new constitution and governmental structure.

Please make sure this doesn’t happen.

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