Here’s The Average Age People Lose Their Virginity Around The World

Here’s The Average Age People Lose Their Virginity Around The World


Losing your virginity is a milestone in your life. It’s up there with passing your driving test and having your mum ask you to get something she can’t reach off the top shelf for the first time.

The thing is though, much like the disappointment of having to drive around with one of those awful black boxes and then being called in by your mum to unload the dishwasher because all of a sudden she can’t get the glasses to the top of the cupboard, losing your virginity is awkward and surprisingly dull.

That being said, once you’ve got the initial embarrassment (and mild pain) of your first time over, you can spread your wings. But when is that for most people? Well, thanks to your friendly neighbourhood rubber suppliers, Durex, a study has revelaved what country, on average, looses their virginity first.

The darker the red, the younger the national average is…

Only 44 countries were included so it stands to reason that, I don’t know… Bolivia could have an average of 48. Doubt it though.

The lowest age for losing one’s virginity can be found in Iceland at a lowly 15.6-years-old… I think I was slowly transitioning from Lego to drinking at that age.

Iceland is then followed by other Nordic-Scandi countries with Denmark averaging 16.1, Sweden at 16.2 and Norwegian teens loosing their virginities at 16.5-years-old, joint fourth with the Finnish (perhaps together?)

The United Kingdom are 26th on the list, losing their V-plates at 18.3-years-old. The oldest in the list to join the club are the Malaysians, averaging an age of 23. Here’s the full list:

44. Malaysia: 23
43. India: 22.9
42. Singapore: 22.8
41. China: 22.1
40. Thailand: 20.5
39. Hong Kong: 20.2
38. Vietnam: 19.7
37. Nigeria: 19.7
36. Japan: 19.4
35. Spain: 19.2
34. Indonesia: 19.1
33. Poland: 19
32. Italy: 18.9
31. Taiwan: 18.9
30. Russia: 18.7
29. Mexico: 18.7
28. South Africa: 18.7
27. France: 18.5
26. United Kingdom: 18.3
25. Switzerland: 18.2
24. Canada: 18.1
23. Netherlands: 18.1
22. Greece: 18.1
21. United States: 18
20. Australia: 17.9
19. Turkey: 17.8
18. New Zealand: 17.8
17. Slovakia: 17.8
16. Germany: 17.6
15. Brazil: 17.4
14. Ireland: 17.3
13. Croatia: 17.3
12. Austria: 17.3
11. Czech Republic: 17.2
10. Chile: 17.2
9. Belgium: 17.2
8. Portugal: 16.9
7. Bulgaria: 16.9
6. Israel: 16.7
5. Finland: 16.5
4. Norway: 16.5
3. Sweden: 16.2
2. Denmark: 16.1
1. Iceland: 15.6

No clue why the Icelandics are such huge shaggers. I guess with all of the geysers and volcanoes, their country is essentially one big innuendo. It’s a wonder they don’t start earlier, come to think of it…

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Holy shot. I was exactly my national average (to the month) and I thought I was a late starter

Everybody thinks they are a late starter because their mates lie to them .

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