Here’s All The Craziest Sh*t People Have Found In The JFK Files So Far

Here’s All The Craziest Sh*t People Have Found In The JFK Files So Far

The National Archives released about a bajillion (2,800 to be specific) JFK assassination files online on Thursday night, dumping that same amount of fuel on one of America’s favorite topics for conspiracy.

As bits of the newly released reports trickle into headlines across the world, the good and obsessive people of Reddit—where conspiracy goes to thrive—are sharing their most fascinating finds from deep dives into the trove of secret documents.

We’re compiling some of the most interesting documents they’ve shared, below, and it’s a good place to jump in if you want to turn into this but you’re still at work:

1. Heyandy889 shared a document that might absolve the Soviet Union of any involvement.




Here’s one bit from the document authored by the head of the FBI in 1966, which seems to confirm that the USSR had no hand in Kennedy’s murder:

According to our source, Soviet officials claimed that Lee Harvey Oswald had no connection whatsoever with the Soviet Union. They described him as a neurotic maniac who was disloyal to his own country and everything else. They noted that Oswald never belonged to any organization in the Soviet Union and was never given Soviet citizenship.

2. Er_Meh_Gerd spoke about a fascinating moment that’s already trending on Twitter.

A reporter on the UK’s Cambridge Evening News received an anonymous call telling him to ring the US embassy for some big news, 25 minutes before the murder of John F Kennedy

A BBC journalist tweeted the associated document, which you can read here:

Let the conspiracies continue.

3. A poster named Geeving posted four files that give you a great starting point on the United States’ own assassination plots in Cuba.

Testimony from Dwight D. Eisenhower’s son John Eisenhower that he believed his father did not approve of assassination plots (mostly aimed at Castro) and did not plan to commit any based on the fact that his father would have told him, because his father told him about the atomic bomb. Interesting stuff.

Also here’s a detailed chronological order of the CIA giving weapons including revolvers, carbines, and possibly explosives to the group who killed Rafael Trujillo (leader of the Dominican Republic at the time) in hopes a more pro US group would take over. Though some of this was already known. Starts on page 68

EDIT: Here’s one I found on the Cubana flight 455 bombing. Apparently Orlando Bosch, leader of the Coordination of United Revolutionary Organizations which was supported by the US, was involved but meant for the plane to explode on the ground not in the air. One of the other people involved Hernan Ricardo also attempted to bomb two other Cubana planes, a Cuban consulate, and a planned bombing of Hong Kong.

4. Mookdaruch found a CIA asset’s negative performance review. Use it to (unfairly or not) cast doubt on the professionalism of the CIA and their investigations.

I found this somewhat negative employee performance review for a CIA (asset/agent) in Mexico. It touches on his trouble with money-management, his fights with his wife who is 25 years younger than him, and his fondness for his mother-in-law, who, the reviewing supervisor notes, “does not in the case seem to be the problem that one would imagine.”

Here’s one line from the document:

GABBOTT married a Mexican girl, 25 years his junior, in April 1963. It has come as no great surprise to the Station that this marriage, between a high-strung middle aged Pole to a high-strung young Latina, has resulted in a delicate situation.

These documents aren’t just full of conspiracy, they’re full of relationship drama.

5. And here’s a document posted by MrF1Guy that cuts off right as it asks whether Lee Harvey Oswald was in the CIA.

Looking at the last few lines of this document, it simply cuts off when Oswald and the CIA are mentioned. Not saying Oswald was CIA- but it is very suspicious.

Here’s the clip:

Nothing interesting about that, huh?


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