Here’s What A (Legal) Pot Habit Typically Costs

Here’s What A (Legal) Pot Habit Typically Costs


Once pot becomes legal in a state, how much do pot smokers spend each year on their habit? That’s one of a few questions the “cannabis intelligence firm” Headset answers with its review of some 40,000 purchases made in Washington state between September 2014 and July 2016, producing a profile of the average legal pot user. (Illegal ones are, for obvious reasons, far harder to track.) It turns out that, at least in Washington, the average recreational weed consumer is a 37-year-old man, though millennials are the largest consumer group, reports Bloomberg. And while users in their 40s spend the highest amount per year on weed at a median of $823, the average user across all ages spends $647.

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That amounts to $54 a month or $1.77 a day—less than the $1,000 Headset says Americans spend on their coffee habits a year and about as much as it says the average household devotes to alcohol, reports Marketwatch. Women lag men as legal marijuana consumers, at least in Washington, where 68.9% of buyers are men compared to 31.1% who are women, reports Debra Borchardt for Forbes. She quips, “Where did all the hippies go?” noting the over-65 set makes up less than 5% of buyers. Still, the clientele appears to differ from one region to the next. A dispensary owner in Denver, where marijuana has been legal since early 2014, tells Marketwatch females make up 45% of his buyers and are one of his “faster-growing segments,” along with seniors.

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