According to Digital Spy, Lindsay Lohan posted this video of herself dancing on a yacht to Instagram on Saturday. She then removed the video shortly afterwards. However, it was up long enough for YouTube users to rip the video and host it to their accounts.

YouTube user popculturediedin2009 provided the following caption:

She posted this on Instagram. The caption said: “Thank you at my new favours photographer @francescoautelitano (Manu – maybe next time thank you)” – Location: “St Tropez, South of France”


This comes right on the heels of Lohan’s alleged nude wedding fiasco in Florence where she was reportedly seen running around naked after claiming to have been drugged.

Maybe Lohan is celebrating finally being off probation for the first time in seven years? Anyway, here’s hoping she’s just having fun and not on a trajectory that will lead to another arrest or rehab stay.

Here’s Lindsay Lohan Dancing And Doing Splits On A Yacht


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