Here’s How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Apparently

Here’s How To Make Someone Fall In Love With You Apparently




There’s no magic potion involved and definitely no stalking someone on Instagram until they cave in – although that stranger on the bus will be mine.

However, if you want someone to fall in love with you without the police getting involved Insider have identified 12 tricks and rules that increase your attractiveness to the opposite sex.

You need to be really alike as in, really.

So you thought opposites attract? Wrong. They don’t. A study into eharmony couples claims that similar personalities understand each other the best. You don’t say…

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Look like their mum or Dad. That’s right. You heard.

This may sound sick and perverse, but science says you’re attracted to your opposite sex parent’s looks.



You have to smell good.

And we’re not just talking nice aftershave, it’s all about your scent you leave on your clothes that leaves members of the opposite sex tumbling head over heels.

Open your body.

No really. Show you’re available by using ‘positive’ body language, so keep your body, your arms and your hands open (without looking too much like a weirdo.)

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Stare lovingly into their eyes for two whole minutes…

Yep, two full, cringeworthy, minutes of eye on eye contact will guarantee your love will fall for you.


You’ve got to ‘warm your date up…’

Apparently studies show that people with ‘warm’ personalities go for hot drinks and people with ‘cool’ personalities go for cold drinks…

So probably best to offer your date a cuppa rather than an ice cold beer then…

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Get a dog.

Simple as and self-explanatory.

Dog owners are perceived as being more attractive in the long-term (don’t know about the short term?) as well as more relaxed, approachable and happy.

There you have it.

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Be with someone as good-looking as you or less.

To be successful in your relationship, basically you must be better looking or at least equal, otherwise science says it just won’t work. Sorry guys.

Get botox.

This apparently works particularly well for women as they are perceived as youthful and healthy looking.

Best get saving. But don’t go too far…


Play music.

Members of the opposite sex are more willing to give you their number if you play music. Get on it.

Wear red.

Red signals sex and status. Any coincidence red lipstick is seen as sexy?  Worth a shot.

Grow your beard… but not too long.

‘Heavy stubble’ is the optimum length for facial hair on a man in order to make someone fall in love. So go forth and grow. But know your limits…


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For gods sake ladies, don’t get botox. You look great! With botox, you look ridiculous.

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