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So Here’s A Mom Who Spent Close To $250K In Order To Look Like Barbie

So Here’s A Mom Who Spent Close To $250K In Order To Look Like Barbie

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For some apparent reason a lot of folks out there want to look like Barbie, the most popular doll on the planet. That is probably why this Ohio mom spent half a million dollars in order to look like human Barbie. And it is also why this couple spent over $300K so they can look like everyone’s favorite doll couple: Ken and Barbie. And guess what? Here we have just another mom putting down some cold hard cash in order to look like Barbie.

Amanda Love, a 39-year-old mother has spent over $240,000 on plastic surgery in order to come as close as possible to looking like Barbie. Oh, and she has 30MM-sized breasts. Just decided to throw that fun fact in there.



And hey, her folks support this transition, even as she has continued to have her boobs go bigger and bigger. “After the surgery I woke up and cried because they were so small, I was so disappointed. I wanted these big round boobies and they weren’t big enough,” Amanda tells Barcroft.

And even though she has spent thousands on surgery and has massive boobs, Amanda wants to go even bigger, as she has gone back to modeling in order to save money to go up yet another boob size. Talk about goals!

“It started off with me taking pictures in nice dresses and putting them on Instagram. I was getting more and more likes. Now I get fan mail and followers from all over the world. It’s crazy!”


So why the move to become Barbie? Here’s what the mother of four had to say: “When I was younger I used to play with my Barbie dolls and I used to play being a Barbie. And I remember watching Baywatch; Pamela Anderson was my idol and I wanted to look like her.”

Well, I feel like you’re a ways away from that, Amanda.



Now check out what Amanda looked like before she decided to become a doll:



Well, as I always say: Whatever makes you happy, even if that means looking like a children’s toy.


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Never compare two photos of women taken years apart. Very few will look better.

Hmm, may have overdone it with the implants a bit but otherwise not bad looking. Though I have seen others try similar and do better, I think it may be down to the surgeon.

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