Baby pictures are just one of the many reasons I’ve considered quitting social media for good. I know I’m not alone in this regard, so I sought to find out how the general public perceives baby pictures, with the preconceived assumption that mothers would — in defense of their precious children — attack me.

Here's What People Really Think Of Your Baby Pictures
This wasn’t the case. What I would eventually find is that everybody hates baby pictures. Yes, even mothers. Out of the roughly 50 responses I received on the subject, not one comment was positive or in defense of these posts — except maybe this one, which really isn’t all that positive anyways:

“I say it’s cute as long as the children are clothed and not on a toilet.” – Cherie, 50

The irony in all this is that I asked the questions on social media platforms, which is the primary media responsible for unsolicited baby photos.

Here are some of the better responses I received in opposition to posting online photos of your pride and joy:

“If I wanted to see your baby, I would have. I’d visit, or I’d text/email for a pic. And sorry, but if all babies were beautiful, adults would be better looking.” – Jesse, 36

“I hate baby pictures. Honestly, who cares? Yeah, great, you were able to have sex and shit out a kid! Big deal! Ever heard of the overpopulation problem?” – Dan, 34

“I don’t give a shit that your baby has just turned 14-weeks! Guess what? My son is 15 and when I post a picture of him graduating grade school with honors, you don’t seem to give a shit about that. So what makes you think your baby is so much more special?” – Sandra, 43

Here's What People Really Think Of Your Baby Pictures
To be clear, I do think some photos of babies are totally warranted and worthy of posts. Because of course they are. Babies are a part of your life, and social media is a place to share different aspects of your life. But these instances are getting out of hand.

For perspective, here are some instances where posting photos of your infant is totally warranted: you just gave birth, it’s their birthday, they took their first step, etc. You know, milestones in your child’s life.

But this is rarely the case. Instead, we’re bombarded with parents fake falling asleep with their kids, or pictures of the child in an outfit that is somewhat representative of an adult and therefore cute.

Here's What People Really Think Of Your Baby Pictures
Here’s the thing: Some of these pictures are cute. But the sheer volume of baby photos online has turned cute into self-serving. Because of this volume, these photos almost seem like desperate attempts to acquire likes and, as such, an attempt to receive affirmation that your decision to have children was a good one, and that people other than you think your offspring are cute.

One woman believes she’s found a way around the baby photo problem. Here’s her testimony:

“As a 30-year-old woman, I couldn’t stand to see photos of baby after baby on Facebook. So when I had my first baby one year ago, I vowed to take a different approach: I created my baby her own fan page. That way, if people wanted to know what she’s up to and follow her, they can. Her fans really are ‘fans’ and are choosing to engage with her. Otherwise, the photos they’ll see on my personal page are few and far between and rarely are just of her by herself without me or my husband.” – Taryn, 33

What I didn’t expect when posting this query was the danger that accompanies posting these photos. Authorities and parents alike believe it’s dangerous to post pictures of your kids. Here’s why:

“Frankly I think it’s the security risk. Posting photos of your young child online basically advertises who they are, what they look like, and where they are located. Also, some of my friends posts pictures of their babies bathing, of course nude, which I feel is inappropriate and especially dangerous in the day and age we live in.” – Dave, 36

“I worry more about the baby’s safety now and privacy later. What will the child think of its picture being splattered over internet by the time it’s 24 and is searching for a job and internet searches come up of baby pictures in compromising positions, or various diseases moms have a tendency to post?” – Birgitta, 51

Here's What People Really Think Of Your Baby Pictures
“I think these pictures will come to haunt them many years later because babies really do not have a voice and cannot possibly tell the parent I don’t want my picture online.

“In some cases, these are naked baby pictures! I am of the opinion that if friends and family want to see someone’s new baby, pictures can be sent to them via Messenger or Email. So yes, I have stopped liking baby pictures and have also started unfriending those who change their online profiles to that of their babies because it looks like I’m friending a baby.” – Natalie, 51

Finally, here’s what an Internet safety and tech parenting expert had to say:

“Not only can too many pictures be annoying for your friends, you could be posting too much information about your child and leave them with a long, digital footprint that they will have to wrestle with once they are old enough to get online themselves.

“While cute baby pictures certainly won’t hurt anyone’s reputation, it could be difficult for your child to take over an online profile that dates back to their birth. I just think it is wise to keep some private moments private, or shared only with close family and friends. Your children will thank you later. Not everyone needs to see that bath photo, or potty training photo, or how you struggled with a fussy baby. These are some examples that can be embarrassing to a teen as they start to take over their online profile.” – Denise, 47

Here's What People Really Think Of Your Baby Pictures

So there you have it, nobody likes your baby photos. They just don’t. Not only that, but posting these photos can be a danger to your child. If these reasons aren’t enough to cease the posting of baby photos, I don’t know what is.

So if you know somebody who’s abusing their baby photo-taking privileges, send them this article and save yourself from a newsfeed full of miniature humans doing insignificant things, like wearing overalls.

Here's What People Really Think Of Your Baby Pictures


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