Hero Ex-Girlfriend Unblocked Her Cheating Ex Just To Troll Him With ‘Game Of Thrones’ Spoilers

No show over the last few years has quite epitomized the ‘SPOILER’ internet debate like ‘Game of Thrones.’ With its large base of book readers who already know all the plot twists, along with the rise of streaming services that allowed people to consume the show as they pleased, the world of Westeros became a microcosm for HOW WE WATCH TV TODAY.

Or some shit. I don’t know. I had the Mountain-Viper fight spoiled for me, because I thought I could wait until Monday night to watch. But I didn’t start the series until 2014 and somehow successfully avoided any news about the Red Wedding. And despite Jon Snow’s death occurring in the books four years before it happened on the show, almost no one I knew had any inkling it would go down.

So, whatever. I think we can all agree getting shit spoiled kind of sucks but it ain’t the worse thing in the world. However, people who intentionally do it for kicks deserve the blade end of Longclaw.

Unless, that is, you are trying to get back at an ex who cheated on you, one who loves Game of Thrones.

That’s fucking earned. Join us in a revenge plot as meticulous and determined as the shit the Lannisters are concocting for the High Sparrow right now.

Via Reddit (now deleted):

I think that would make even George RR Martin proud. Hell, he should tell her the ending just so she can text it to him.

Now that would be BRUTAL.

[Via Death and Taxes]


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