Hero Prostitute Kills Serial Killer Of Prostitutes

A sex worker in West Virginia has killed a man police believe may be responsible for the murders of 10 women around the country.

According to NBC News, Neal Falls, 45, most recently of Springfield, Oregon, was shot and killed in the Charleston, West Virginia, apartment of a prostitute he’d hired on on July 18. The woman told police she shot him in self-defense after he attacked her:

The woman, whose identity hasn’t been released, told investigators Falls drew a gun and tried to strangle her. She said she grabbed Falls’ gun when he set it down to overpower her and shot him.

After shooting Falls, the woman ran outside and got a neighbor to call 911 for her. The transcript of the 911 call describes her injuries. Via WSAZ:

Dispatcher: “Is she bleeding anywhere?”
Neighbor: “She looks like she has some marks around her neck and she does have a little bit of blood like scratches on her fingers and there is some blood on her.”
911 Dispatcher: “Was she able to injure him?”
Victim: “*crying* I grabbed his gun and shot him.”
Neighbor: “Yeah. She said she shot him. She says he’s on the kitchen floor, her kitchen floor.”

When the police arrived on the scene and looked in the trunk of Falls’ car, they found an assortment of murder tools straight out of Dexter:

Police said they found what they described as a “kill kit” in the trunk of Falls’ car, including handcuffs, knives, axes, a sledgehammer, a bulletproof vest, another gun, shovels and bleach and other cleaning supplies.

Maybe he was just planning to have some kinky sex, chop some wood, take down some drywall, play some paintball, and then clean his house really well?

Investigators told WSAZ that the items indicated it was likely not a one-time thing for him:

“These types of items are not something you run across very often,” said Lt. Steve Cooper, Charleston Police Chief of Detectives. “Of course, we receive a lot of training over the years as investigators as to what to look for in the cases of sexual predators or potentially even serial killers, and a lot of those items were there.”

“He made a deal with the victim to exchange money for her services as an escort,” Cooper said. “He brought no money with him. What he brought with his was a firearm, four sets of handcuffs, and all of the items you have photos of from the trunk of his car. So he was a bad actor and clearly his intentions were dark.”

Police now believe Falls may be linked to the deaths of four women in the Las Vegas area about a decade ago, all of whom are thought to have been sex workers: Jodi Marie Brewer, Lindsay Marie Harris, Misty Marie Saens and Jessica Edith Foster (below). Three of the women’s dismembered bodies were found and a fourth is still missing. Falls lived in the area at the time of the murders. Charleston police are working with Las Vegas police to find connections between the cases.

In addition to the Las Vegas murders, police believe Falls may be responsible for the deaths of four women and the disappearances of two more in Chillicothe, Ohio. Their pictures, below:

Assuming Falls is responsible for at least some of these murders, it’s looking like one brave woman took out a psychopath who’d eluded the cops for years. If anything, this case highlights the need for law enforcement officials to work with, instead of against, sex workers to catch those who would commit violent crimes against people in their industry. Unfortunately, due to the criminalization of sex work itself as well as the often abusive way police treat those who engage in it, this is not likely to happen any time soon.



Hero Prostitute Kills Serial Killer Of Prostitutes

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I thought she was a Hero too. This guy was fucked up as they come.

It is always nice to have one less sick, psychotic, murdering fuck out there in the world (male or female)!

I hope all goes well for the woman who killed him.

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