Hey Milennials, Stop Doing These 10 Dumb Things!!!

Hey Milennials, Stop Doing These 10 Dumb Things!!!

Listen up, Millennials: I’ve been hearing some things recently that I think are DUMB and should STOP HAPPENING, and here is what they are. Everyone listen up and adjust accordingly:



Stop saying it! It’s stupid. New slang is stupid. Keep slang the same as it was a while ago.



Have you seen these? Sticks to take a better selfie? Gimme a break. And the word “selfie” annoys me, they should just call it something less annoying, and definitely not have sticks for it. Discontinue the sticks, whoever makes the sticks.



What does this even mean?? It’s dumb, stop saying it. Words were fine like, a little while ago. Why do we need to make new words? Stop making new words, millennials.



Ughhh this is also dumb. Why do you millenials keep calling yourselves this? “Hey we’re millennials, let’s go like, butt chug and stick vodka tampons in our vaginas and our butts cause who gives a shit we’re millennials.” What the hell are you even doing?? Those are so dumb, just drink regular. Except don’t because you’re all real annoying when you do. Just do nothing. God. I wish you didn’t exist.



I heard that some teens on the internet didn’t know who Paul McCartney is. Are you KIDDING me? Uhhh how about only a VERY FAMOUS MUSICIAN who rose to stardom with THE BEATLES in the 1960s (about 50 years ago)!!

I grew up in the 80s and definitely knew EVERY famous person from the 30s. If someone mentioned Eddie Cantor or Benny Goodman none of us would’ve been like “who?” cause we weren’t dumb, like you guys. You teens are dumb.


This still going on? If it is it shouldn’t be, is what I think. What ever happened to, oh, I don’t know, DANCING NORMALLY? Or how bout NOT AT ALL because music is bad now. Unless you’re dancing to music I like. But even then you shouldn’t cuz you’ll probably be like “WHO’S DIS, IS THIS JUSTIN BEIBER” or whoever’s new and shitty now, I don’t even know or care. Music was fine up til I stopped listening to it and now it sucks.



This really pisses me right the heck off. When I was young we didn’t ever text “ohhh I HEART U – SMILEY FACE!!!!” We didn’t even HAVE cell phones, but if we did we would’ve been like way less dumb with them than kids now are. Have you seen teens now? It’s like, look up from your phone and see – UHHH – THE WORLD? They WON’T. DUUURRR GOTTA TEXT MY FRIEND TO SCORE SOME MOLLY DURRRRR. OOPS JUST KILLED A KID WITH MY SMARTCAR. Teens. Seriously.



Oh I decided this sucks too, both the word and the thing, stop it. You know what else is annoying, Snapchat. Is everyone getting all my suggestions? I hope so. So tired of all this.



I heard about this one school somewhere where some people put on a show and people some other were like, protesting it afterwards? But the show was actually a joke. You hear about this? Lighten up people! Learn to take jokes! God. Stop being so offended all the time by everything.

“Ehhh you shouldn’t say that!!!” That’s what kids are like now. Grow up! Sometimes the people who get offended by things are actually the most offensive.




Stuff should’ve stopped being made when I got older, and just stayed the same (i.e. GREAT) from that point on forever. That goes for MUSIC, MOVIES, WORDS, STUFF, THINGS, and PEOPLE. Yes, PEOPLE. I literally believe people should’ve stopped being made when I got older. Sure, we’d eventually die off as a species, but that’s a small price to pay to have to put up with this COUPLE NEW SLANG WORDS bullshit.

What is wrong with this generation??? You all whine too much.

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I couldn’t read all of this as it was too much like listening to a whiny little bitch.

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