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High School Football Player May Have His Life Ruined For Literally The Dumbest Prank That Involved His Penis

High School Football Player May Have His Life Ruined For Literally The Dumbest Prank That Involved His Penis

hunter-osborn-mugshotPranks are fun. Especially when the prank is harmless shenanigans. However, one high school student is receiving a harsh lesson that sometimes what you may think is hilarious, others may think is a serious felony.

Hunter Osborn attends Red Mountain High School in Arizona and plays on the football team. One of Osborn’s teammates dared him to yank his penis out of the top of the waistband of his pants during the taking of a yearbook photo. He took on challenge head on. During the football team’s yearbook photo, the 19-year-old whipped out his dick. The photo was taken, the yearbook’s editor did not notice Osborn’s penis (Not the reaction he was hoping for I imagine), and the photo was published in the school’s yearbook and in promotional material distributed at football games throughout the school year. In just the yearbook, the dick pic was distributed to about 250 students, most of them minors.

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Someone finally noticed Osborn’s junk and now it has escalated from silly prank to breaking several laws. The school recalled the yearbook to “make a minor but critical edit for the inappropriate content,” AKA de-dicking it. And subsequently the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office has gotten involved.

Even though it was minuscule, the police already had all the physical evidence they needed, plus Osborn admitted to the dick move and said he was “disgusted” for what he had done.

Osborn was charged with 69 counts of indecent exposure — a class 1 misdemeanor — and one count of furnishing harmful items to minors — a class 4 felony. The 69 counts of indecent exposure were for every person present when the photo was taken. Yes, it was actually 69 counts.

This site says the punishment for a class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona is six months in jail, so 69 counts would be 414 months imprisonment. This site states the normal punishment for a class 4 felony is 2.5 years in prison. So that gives us a grand total of 37 years in jail. Of course this is just a suggestion, and hopefully there is a much, much lighter sentence when a judge factors in that the kid just did a stupid prank and maybe he has no priors. Even still, he may be branded as a pedophile in the eyes of the law for the rest of his life for the furnishing harmful items to minors charge.

The morale of the story is no matter how small your dick is, don’t whip it out in public even if you are dared by your peers. At least have the pride to hold out for a double dare.


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Given how long it took anyone to notice I don’t see any felony charges possible here. Even a class 1 misdemeanor seems to be a stretch of his infraction. You would think any decent lawyer could have gotten the charges dropped for lack of evidence but instead it looks like the unfortunate kid is soon to become acquainted with the Arizona penile system.

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