High School Kid Dies From A Single Punch After Taunting Club Promoter With ‘One Day You’ll Work For Me’

archie-lloyd_2809477aAnd this is why I don’t fight, guys.

According to The Sun, an 18-year-old kid named Archie Lloyd has died following an altercation outside of a club in Malia, Greece with a 22-year-old promoter named Sebastian Trabucatti, in which Lloyd yelled to Trabucatti “one day you’ll work for me.”

Apparently, that pissed off the guy so much that he swung and landed a punch on Archie, which knocked him out and caused him to hit his head on the pavement, ultimately leading to his death while sleeping.


Although witnesses are telling conflicting stories about whether the hit was a punch or just a slap in the face, the result ended in death, with the coroner ruling that the teen had been “unlawfully killed”.

Here’s what a report said, per The Sun:

“Based on the evidence, I am sure that Mr Lloyd was struck in the face and I find it proven beyond all reasonable doubt that this was a deliberate and intentional act.

“I don’t find there was any intention to cause death. But it was the inadvertent consequences that Mr Lloyd was knocked backwards and struck the back of his head, and death resulted.

“In English law that results in involuntary manslaughter. It follows that I conclude that this was a death due to unlawful killing.”

In Malia celebrating the end of his exams with four friends, one of Archie’s buddies, Andy Hutchingson described how things went down, per The Sun:

“We heard the noise behind us and saw two women and one man riding about eight metres away form us. Archie told them to ‘f**k off’ and they used bad language in return.

“They stopped two metres in front of us and although it was still night-time is was light enough for me to recognise one of them as the same man earlier in the toilet.

“The two women were the most confrontational. The three were in a triangle formation with a lady either side of the man.

“The man pushed me. I lost my balance and swayed. I wasn’t aware of Archie doing or saying anything.

“All this was over in 10 seconds.

“They started to leave and I thought that was the end of it. Archie then shouted ‘one day you’ll work for me’.”

“The quad bike stopped in front of Archie. I was facing away, then I heard one of the girls say ‘you deserved that.’


Hutchingson later added: “Archie never spoke again after the hit, he didn’t understand what was happening to him.”

The perpetrator, Sebastian Trabucatti, was arrested and charged with gross negligence leading to manslaughter, but released on bail. A trial for the case will reportedly be held next year.


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