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High-Speed Chase Begins In Unlikeliest Of Spots

High-Speed Chase Begins In Unlikeliest Of Spots

A woman weaved aggressively through a funeral procession in Virginia Saturday afternoon and ultimately led police on a chase hitting speeds of more than 100mph, authorities say. As deputies escorted the funeral procession, a woman not involved in the procession started changing lanes and passing cars in the procession, NBC Washington reports. She ultimately maneuvered between the sheriff’s vehicle and the hearse and then, per the Washington Post, cut off the hearse. One of the drivers in the procession pulled up alongside a sergeant’s car to report that the woman had rear-ended their car.

The sergeant attempted to pull the woman’s car over, but she continued driving, made a U-turn in a median (causing her car’s inner fender well cover to come off), crossed another median, and ultimately the car “became disabled” in the opposing traffic lane, authorities say. At that point they arrested the driver, 22-year-old Kara Rene Deans, who has been charged with DUI, felony eluding, felony hit and run, and interfering with a funeral procession.


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