Hiring Managers Share The Craziest Sh*t They Learned From Googling Potential Hires

Hiring Managers Share The Craziest Sh*t They Learned From Googling Potential Hires

Sometimes, if you’re interviewing for a new job, your past might come back to haunt you. Because the internet never forgets. Someone recently asked the hiring managers of Reddit: “What’s your favorite ‘They were perfect until we Googled them’ story?

Here are some of our favorite stories of employees whose attempts to get a job were thwarted by the internet. Also, this is a good reminder to Google someone before hiring them, or basically before interacting with anyone in any way at all:

1. “Seemed like a nice young man.” From JesusChyrslerSuprCar:

Seemed like a nice young man. Very polite, hard working & quiet.

Didn’t find out until other employees complained that he had dodged a murder rap by reason of insanity & was recently deemed fit to re-join society. Apparently the case was a pretty high profile one as well. His contract was not renewed.

2. “Do not touch with a 10ft barge pole.” From bookpixie:

Had a guy apply for an enrty level post with us recently. His CV was okay, so we offered him an interview. Social media seemed okay too. He never turned up for the interview.

A couple of weeks later, there’s a story about him in the local paper. Turned out that he was living at the local boarding house, and was found in the kitchen one morning totally wasted, wearing nothing but a pair of socks. When a couple of women who also lived there tried to escort him back to his room, he got violent and assaulted them. Given the dates stated in the paper, he didn’t turn up because he’d been in jail at the time of the interview.

His resume has now been added to the ‘do not touch with a 10ft barge pole’ section in our filing cabinet.

3. “Some slight nudity.” From quimby15:

We were narrowing the group down to 2-3 candidates. We then Google/FB/LinkedIN them and get to one that was in the top 2. Their FB was completely open to the public to view everything. Lots of racist, sexist comments. Risque photos of them with some slight nudity.

Was too bad, their resume was quite good. Just not something we would consider appropriate.

4. “Stiff” competition. From Chinstrap_1:

I was interviewing a chef for my business. The interview went great – and he had an excellent resume. Worked at some of the top restaurants in the world, 3-michelin star type places. Even did a short cooking test with some spare-ribs and they were incredible.

There was some stiff competition though so eventually we decided to look at everyones facebook profiles. One of his old profile pics was him at a Mardi Gras parade dressed as Pikachu with a big dildo strapped on.

He got the job

5. “Smoking blunts and drinking 40’s.” From smokin_joe_:

Dude sent me his resume, but instead of sending it as an attachment he emailed me a snapshot of his resume he had stored in his photos.

In the photos below it was him smoking blunts and drinking 40’s with his friends.

6. “Seemed pretty okay for the job.” From Miya81:

I wasn’t the hiring manager but my teammate was – a candidate came through that he and some other members interviewed and seemed pretty okay for the job until they checked her out. Turns out she was suing the company (yes, the one she applied for a job for) so my teammate ended up not hiring her.

7. GoFakeMe. From taakoyakiii:

I was hiring for our late night shift (shifts ending at 2am/3am) and she was willing to work anything and looking for about 25 hours per week. This was absolutely what the company was looking for. She had mentioned that she was “grieving her little boy who passed two weeks ago and needed to do something to occupy her time”.

She finished her one day of computer training and stopped showing up. Later in the week she sent me an email stating that she “wasn’t ready to come back to work like she’d thought”, which was understandable.

My assistant manager and I decided to look her up only to find that she had multiple GoFundMe pages set up for her sob story with different amounts of time that the supposed child had been dead for. Her facebook was full of selfies and party photos.

She ended up asking for the job back a few months later and we shot her down pretty quick.

8. “A girl who seemed nice.” From VerbableNouns:

I interviewed a girl who seemed nice, then after passing her off to HR I looked her up. Her name came up as having been fired from the local PD for possession of, among other things, 150 grams of cocaine.

9. “Good resume, former military.” From ilre1484:

good resume, former military. we were going to call him in for an interview but googled him first.

turns out he was arrested for arms trafficking, the report said he had stolen 2 or 3 small arms as well as a Stinger missile system from the base he was stationed at. the people he set up to sell the stuff to were under cover officers.

10. “He was perfect…. until we googled him.” From SalemScout:

Really nice, clean cut young man from the nearby college applies in my shop. Sweet, friendly, outgoing and smart. He was perfect.

Until we googled him.

He had a last name that was the same as a girl I had gone to school with. So I googled his name, found his facebook and discovered that he was actually her little brother.

I immediately called my friend (his sister) and said “Hey, your brother just applied in my shop. I’m gonna hire him!”

She said “Sweet! Free ice cream!”

So he was perfect until I googled him. And then he was even better.He worked for me for two years and was a delight.

Haha. Gotcha! Sometimes stories have a happy ending. Happy googling, everyone!

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