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Homophobia Makes No Sense

Homophobia Makes No Sense

 Peter White explains why getting mad at a man hitting on you is like getting mad at someone for giving you free money.


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Don’t worry, I’m not even sure your president can get an erection.

When I was younger I was quite often approached by gay guys. My standard response was ” No , but thank you for asking.” Then they stopped.

Quite hurtful, really.

On reflection, there was one time in Athens back in ’74 when I was hitchhiking back from Israel and in all modesty I was looking my best; 19, just spent a year of physical labour with healthy food and sunshine, just kicking around town.

A youngish guy, well groomed, well dressed, slipped out of an alley and said ” Excuse me , I’m a homosexual , would you care to join me ?” I gave him the standard reply with a pleasant smile and he slipped away.

Later it struck me how much nerve that must have taken. Greece in ’74? He would have been looking at jail, his life destroyed, a very real possibility of physical violence …

Whereas if I had made a move on a pretty hippie chick the worst that could have happened was being rejected or blanked; shrug and get on with my day.

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