The Boozie is the newest covert drinking apparatus that will soon be introduced to the world!

The innovations people come up with in order to have their favorite drinks on the sly never ceases to amaze us, so here’s the latest and greatest in wearable drinking tech: the Boozie, a sweatshirt equipped with hidden flasks.

The Boozie’s flasks are ingeniously contained in its hood while the liquid inside of them is accessed through the “strings” of the sweatshirt, which are actually hoses with CamelBak-esque drip-free bite valves attached. The whole device is about as subtle as you can be while sneaking your drinks into a prohibited venue, so long as you aren’t sucking on the hoses right in front of security.

The Boozie is a simple looking hoodie, but with a higher purpose than to just keep you comfortable. The Boozie has two secret compartments located in the hood that hold two separate bladders or flasks for transporting 20 ounces of your favorite liquids.

The clever part of the Boozie is in the way you consume the liquids. The unassuming hoodie drawstrings that dangle down in front of the wearer are actually the straws from which your liquid is dispensed! At the ends of these hoses are two soft, drip-free bite valves which you use just like any standard hydration pack.

This discreet consumption makes the Boozie the perfect accessory for all sorts of occasions like different sporting events, going to the movie theater, music festivals, family reunions, holiday celebrations, boating, going to the amusement park, beach trips, jogging and tailgating.

The purpose of this campaign is to raise money to put this product into production. The funds raised will go towards the expensive tooling costs associated with creating the custom flasks and the various plastic components involved. These donations will also allow us to receive a bulk discount when purchasing material and will help us in crafting smaller, more discreet nozzles.


The flasks are made from a tough BPA-free plastic and are reinforced so you wont have to worry about breakage when roughhousing in your new Boozie.

Right now, the Boozie is collecting funds via this Kickstarter campaign with an anticipated product launch in September 2015. Pledges start at $95 for a first run Boozie.




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